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2018 LHD Aventador Miura Homage

Chassis Number HLA05783 is this European market Bianco Isis car currently believed to be residing in Tokyo, Japan .

Other Information: for sale at Cornes Motors in November 2021, the advert read:


?? Aventador LP700 Miura homage ??
The Aventador LP700 Miura Hommage, which sold only 50 units worldwide, has arrived. This model is a special specification car commemorating the 50th anniversary of the birth of Lamborghini's famous car "Miura", and was announced at the car event "Goodwood Festival of Speed" held in the UK in June 2016. rice field.
Miura Hommage of Aventador was developed by Ad Personam, who is responsible for the bespoke program in Lamborghini. As you can see from the naming, it features a body color with Miura as a motif and equipment and decorations that prove the special specification car. The exterior color of the car was set to 6 colors, but this individual has selected the combination color of white and gold.
To match the gold at the bottom of the body, the gold color is also combined with the front 20-inch and rear 21-inch wheels called "Dione". The mileage is very short at 316km, and we keep the condition so good that the scent of a new car seems to drift.
The body side has a badge designed with the metallic Miura emblem, and the rear has a black Lamborghini emblem. Don't miss the glass bonnet that allows you to see the Lamborghini gem V12 engine from the outside, and the black exhaust pipe equipment.
The interior is equipped with a carbon fiber package as standard equipment, and has a monotone finish of "Neroade" that is entirely black. The top of the fully electric seat with heater is the Gold Miura 50th Anniversary logo, the leather dashboard is embroidered with the letters "Lamborghini", and the front of the side window is "Miura 50 SERIE SPECIALE 1 DI 50". Includes a limited edition plate engraved with.
Equipped with a perforated multifunction steering wheel with excellent grip, premium audio made by Sensonum that enjoys powerful sound, a travel package, a park assistance package that supports everyday usability, etc., for a comfortable driving scene backup. A wide range of optional items are also the appeal of this vehicle.
A very rare and special Aventador LP700 Miura Hommage. It is a valuable limited edition model that remains in the history of Aventador. The coloring, equipment, and condition are perfect. This is your chance to make a valuable model with a high degree of attention, which is limited to 50 cars worldwide. We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible..

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Information on this car was sourced from Whit Lupoli.

and also here https://youtu.be/I8qw0ljXx1c

for more details of this car for sale on 03/11/2021 12:03:02 refer to https://www.cornesmotors.com/usedcar/detail/28609

The data on this specific vehicle was last updated 3-Nov-2021.

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