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1964 LHD 350 GT

Chassis Number 0106 is this Azzurro Marmolada car with Blue Leather interior, .

It is fitted with engine number 0108.

It has the following modifications from the standard european model on offer at the time of manufacture: resprayed mid-Blue prior to 2006.

Other Information: Very unusual 2 plus 1 seater. Touring #17015
sold via Christophe Grohe in 2006.

for sale in January 2019 with kidston.com
The paperwork confirms that this car’s body number was 17005, its engine 0108 and it was finished in evocative Azzurro Marmolada with a blue leather interior.

This very early car was a 2+1, as Posto (seating) is marked as ‘3’ on the factory records: one of only six of the first 13 350 GTs noted as such, the others labelled con panchina, or ‘with bench’. The car’s colour name references the Marmolada glacier in Trentino, Italy. Chassis 0106 was the only 350 GT finished as such in 1964. It also had the single-piece bumper and red/white badges – rare and desirable features present on the car today.

It was finished on 5 August 1964 and delivered to Lamborghini’s Swiss agent in Geneva on 25 September. Its first private owner was Geneva resident R-M Thure who registered it GE 118029 on 18 March 1965. Research suggests that, prior to that date, the car – most likely still on Italian plates – could have been employed as a factory demonstrator and road test vehicle.

Mr Thure’s ownership of the car did not last long – he sold it to Aldo Brignolo, also of Geneva, in whose care it bore the mark GE 35834. On 12 June 1969 it passed to another Swiss resident, Herr Kräuchli of Lyss in the canton of Bern, where it was registered BE 6588.

At some point in this period,‘0106’ was repainted mid metallic blue, a shade that matched the still original interior.

On 23 September 1972, it passed into the hands of fellow Bernese Robert Kopp of Sutz, who would own it for the next 34 years. A guarantee from the supplying dealer Auto Center Nidau issued on that date confirms an odometer reading of 45,028km.

Kopp, owner of a transport company, used Auto Center Nidau to rebuild the engine in October 1973, by which time another document in the history file shows it had covered 47,739km and was registered BE 61834. Bills dated March 1985 and June 2005, together with a government Bundesamt für Strassen (Swiss Authority for Road Infrastructure) show it still in Kopp’s name, the latter paperwork clearly stating bleu (blue).

In summer 2006,‘0106’ was marketed by a Swiss classic car dealer with its original engine (0108) and an odometer reading of 58,835km. Our client, a serious aficionado of Italian cars with a Zagato-bodied Alfa Romeo and Lancia to his name, bought the car that September.

His first task was to entrust ‘0106’ to a workshop in the Como region of Northern Italy, who carried out an intensive mechanical overhaul and resprayed it in the correct shade Azzurro Marmolada seen on the car today. At the same time, our client was in correspondence with the American owner of 350 GT chassis 0102, generously offering his car as a reference point for the restoration of what most consider the oldest production Lamborghini in existence. A craftsman travelled from the West Coast of America to photograph, measure and take a template of chassis 0106’s rare single-piece front bumper.

Chassis 0106 is, therefore, the oldest car surviving with all three characteristics of the first 350 GTs present and untouched since 1964: a single-piece bumper, three seats and red/white badges. It also has a less-dished,‘flat’ steering wheel, unique to the early cars.

In 2014, at 70,850km, our client commissioned further work to the drivetrain (engine/gearbox/differential) and in 2017 it won its class at the prestigious Concours d’Elégance Suisse at Coppet, near Nyon..

Information on this car was sourced from christophgrohe.com / kidston.com.

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