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1964 LHD 350 GT

Chassis Number 0102 is this Argento car .

Other Information: Geneva show car. First of 13 built in 1964.

March 23, 1964

Chassis #0102 is the rolling chassis that was on display at the Geneva Motor Show in March, 1964

June 4, 1964

The coachwork for #0102 arrived from Touring on June 4, 1964.

#0102 did not leave the factory until testing was completed and most bugs were ironed out on August 15th, 1964. During this 2 ˝ month period before it was exported to Geneva, Switzerland the car was photographed for the 350GT brochure. Please note that the car is a two seater unlike its 2+1 predecessor.

August 13th, 1964

Garage du Quai du Mont Blanc, Geneva, Switzerland

#0102 was the second car built and the first car sold through Lamborghini Spa’s dealer in Geneva.

1964 to 1973

The car changed hands several times and may even have had a racing history. It ultimately arrived in the United States. It had been retrofitted with the more contemporary two piece bumper and horizontal grill slats. The original one piece bumper deflected air away from the radiator at speed and the early grills with their tight grid pattern exacerbated the problem. As a result, the early cars all overheated and a general recall occurred. All of the early cars were retrofitted to the split bumper configuration including #0102.


An owner in New York was responsible for crashing the vehicle which mangled the aluminum nose. No frame damage occurred luckily and the car was then sold as junk sometime in 1976.

September 1997

The Current owner purchased the car at this time. The car was thankfully always stored indoors and was very complete when the current owner acquired it. It was essentially a time capsule from 1976 until now making it a very interesting restoration project.

August 2008

Restoration was completed by Symbolic Motor Car Company’s Restoration Department in San Diego where it went on to win first place in the LamborghinI class at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance..

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Information on this car was sourced from Symbolic Motors.

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